Measuring flow & Level

Control PLC & SCADA

Utility Management



Submersible Pumps

Monorail Cranes

Diesel Generators



LT Switch Board


Oil Transformers

Fire System

I.T.M.S CO’ representing the most professional international manufacturers providing a wide range of Measuring, Control, Mechanical & Electrical Equipments  & Instruments".


Consequently we placed a high priority on training and offering a wide range of courses meeting our local market expectations .

  • Product 1

  • Measure : Flow, Level, Pressure, Turbidity, PLC & SCADA

  • Centrifugal Pumps with cranes and Basket Screen

  • Diesel Engine Generators Fixed and Movable trailer  

  • Oil Immersed Transformers, LT switch board
  • Fire System, Earthing, Control Cables

  • Utility Management and water Leak Detection


Providing A maintenance Contract For Most Of Pumps, Flow and Level Meters, Cranes, LT Switch Board, Generators, Transformers, Control Panels

Renting Measurement Equipments

Helping Customers Fined Their Buried Utility (Pipes, Cover Or Cables) 

CCTV Inspection Systems For All Types Of Pipes .

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